Covid 19 Disinfection Service

Right at your doorstep!

In view of the ongoing pandemic and to step up our safety measures, Filmplace has decided to implement Covid 19 Disinfection Service (misting) as an additional option under the Pricing tab.

How much it costs: There are two pricing options that will be charged to the filmmaker according to the size of the host’s property. If the place is below 80 cubic metres, it is considered small and the cost of the misting will be $48. If the place is over 80 cubic metres, it is considered large, and the cost will be $98.

How it works: Both the host and the filmmaker will have the option to decide whether they want the misting done for the property, with the exception that if the host requires it, the filmmaker has to comply. The latter will be scheduled after filming hours.
If the host does not need the misting to be done but instead the filmmaker prefers it for the protection of their crew, they can request for it and they decide whether they want it done before, after or before and after the filming (additional top-up needed).

When it starts: If the misting is scheduled before the filming, the cleaning company will arrive well before the stipulated timing and carry out the disinfection, which will take about half an hour. If the misting is scheduled after the filming is done, they will arrive after filming hours. In the case when the misting is needed before and after the filming, the cleaning company will arrive during the two timings as stated above.

What we use: ENVIRUBAC+

  • Revolutionary disinfectant, main ingredient H2O2
  • Recommended by World Health Organisation
  • 99.9999% effective against bacteria(s) such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli, and Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Uses (lightweight) Non-Wetting Mist at Approx. 7.5
  • Able to float to reach further range
  • Penetrates inaccessible areas and bounces off solid surface
  • Low risk of corrosion
  • No wiping required

If you are craving for a sparkling clean environment or are extremely particular about the health of your family or employees, then you should consider using the disinfection service. Let’s do our part to disinfect and protect yourself and the people around us!