2021 Just Got Better!

With the release of the Covid-19 vaccine, our world starts a new journey down the road to recovery. People all over the world can finally breathe the fresh air as travel restrictions lift. We all yearn to escape the confines of our homes and our country’s borders, to finally taste the freedom at last!

Freedom is Here!

Introducing our new cashback promotion that gives you another reason to love Filmplace! From now till the 30th of April 2021, all our beloved hosts are entitled to enjoy up to 13% cashback for all bookings made on our platform.

Standard Host

While the service fees for Standard Host is 12%, you will be receiving a 13% cashback for each booking made on Filmplace. Which means, you will get back the service fee, and on top of that earn an extra 1%!

For example, when you get a $1000 booking, instead of paying a 12% service fee, we will give you 13% cashback ($10)! $1000 + 1% ($10), which earns you $1010.


If you are a Pro-Host, you will be getting a 13% cashback too, but because you are exclusive, you will earn even more! The service fee for Pro-Host is 9%, this means, with the cashback received, each Pro-Host is entitled to earn an extra 4% for every booking made on Filmplace.

You will see Cashback in your inbox when filmmakers make an enquiry.

For example, when you get a $1000 booking, instead of 9% service fees, you get a 4% cashback ($40)! Consequently, you will earn $1000 + 4% ($40) = $1040.

*All cashback is calculated ONLY from the booking fee. Excludes cleaning fees / overnight fees etc

Are you ready for a better 2021?

Note: All cashbacks will be included in your rental payout which you will receive after the shoot.

For further information regarding our promotion, do contact us at +(65) 6950 9110 or +60 3-9212 2279.