A Guide to Hosting with Filmplace

Here are some tips on how you can make your listing stand out to secure more bookings!

Listing process:

  • Verify your account (email address, and phone number) in order to publish your listing. This is to also show that you’re a real person and not a scam
  • Include a display picture on your profile if you’re comfortable
  • Complete and fill in all available options in your listing and be honest!
  • Have an accurate and descriptive title that will be able to capture the attention of filmmakers. This will be able to help them to find what they need instantly.
    • Example: 4 room HDB with a modern look
  • Description: Plus points when you show that you are welcoming and will be able to accommodate to the filmmakers’ needs or have experience with the filming process.
    •  Example: Furniture can be shifted during the filming process, but have to be placed back to its original place
    • The owner has experience with hosting multiple filming companies such as…
  • House rules: Set your own house rules in the description for filmmakers to abide, to ensure that they do not cause any inconvenience during the filming process
    • Example: Do not accept filming after 12am, no smoking, no shoes allowed indoors.


  • Upload as many pictures of your place, for all the rooms that are available and the spaces that filmmakers have access to. This is to enable them to better visualize the space before they decide on the booking or whether there’s a need for a recce.
    • For every bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, toilet etc.
  • Be accurate! If there are any changes to your furniture or rooms over time, do remember to update your listing
  • Use your mobile phones to take pictures if you do not have a camera! Don’t lose that extra week of potential income while waiting to get perfect shots
  • Photoshoot tips:
    • Lighting is important, turn on all lights and open your curtains, the best time to shoot in the day for clarity
    • Make sure your beds and sofas are tidy, bedsheets are properly folded and pillows are neatly placed
    • Remove unwanted clutter on tables or on the floor if possible, and neatly push in the chairs
    • Toilet: Remove any pieces of clothing hanging around and put the toilet seat cover down for a better image
    • Use HDR mode and edit your photos on editing apps to make them more presentable if you’ll like!
  • Grouping: add your pictures with a flow, with the most captivating photo in front, followed by pictures that feature the interior and lastly the entrance.
  • Include pictures of the exterior so that filmmakers will be able to easily identify your place.
  • Remove unnecessary pictures of nearby malls or facilities as filmmakers do not need that information
  • Fill in picture titles and label each image for filmmakers to know which is the living room, study room or master bedroom etc.
  • If you have 360 photos, or if you have engaged in the 360 photoshoot service that we have provided, it will definitely help filmmakers to visualize your space better.


  • If unsure of what price to set, refer to other similar listings or talk to any Filmplace staff for advice
  • Do not set it too high as it may deter filmmakers from booking, start low first and if you’re getting more bookings, you can increase the price anytime!
  • Always set a minimum security fee of $500. This is the amount that is claimable from the filmmaker in the event of damages caused. 
  • If you’re particular about cleanliness, feel free to set a small cleaning fee as well.
  • Do note that some shoots might require overnight. If you’re okay with this, you can set an overnight price since it would cause some sort of disturbance in the wee hours.
  • Keep an open mind that some filmmakers will try to negotiate. If you have reached a middle ground on the price, you can attach a special offer!
Pricing options


  • Reply to the filmmakers ASAP to quickly secure a booking. Filmmakers usually enquire among a few hosts to get the desired filming location. If you attend to them quickly and answer their questions and meet their needs, seal the deal.  
    • Pre-approve their booking request within 24hrs before it expires!
  • Usually, filmmakers might require a recce (going over to look at the location) before confirming the booking. In that case, you can exchange your personal information through the chat if necessary, but do redirect them to book on Filmplace after everything is settled.
    • Do understand that sometimes after the recce, filmmakers might think that your place is not that suitable.
  • Take note of the cancellation policy and try not to cancel confirmed reservations! The process behind sourcing for a filming location is not easy for filmmakers and do not make them waste their time and resources. It will reflect badly on you as well.
  • Do not make empty promises with the filmmakers, until both parties agree on the terms of the shoot.
  • DO NOT DEAL DIRECTLY. Filmplace is here to help both hosts and filmmakers. If you did not use our platform to accept the booking, we can’t help you if there are any damages or disputes involved.
  • Get filmmakers to review your listing after the shoot! The more positive reviews you have, the more bookings you’ll receive. It will be reflected that you’re a good host to work with.
  • Always ask about the overall shoot experience. If it’s good, they might even recommend your listing to other filmmakers!

Hope this set of tips serves as a guide for hosts, both new and current, to set up and edit your listing. If you have any inquiries regarding our platform, do reach out to us! 🙂


The Filmplace Team