A Small Family of 3 with a Large Home


This lovely 6000sq feet bungalow is owned by the couple Pankaj Kumar, Managing Director of an American company and Alka Verma, who has years of experience in the media industry. She has been working in companies such as ESPN Star Sports and Walt Disney Television Singapore. Their son, Pranjal, has his own workspace in the house, with soldering stations and 3D printers. He owns 2 startup companies and even builds and sells his own 3D printers!

This is the 4th property that the couple owns, and they have done research on this property for over 25 years. Having a huge house is important to the family as they do a lot of spiritual gatherings, hosting parties and they love to invite a lot of guests, including their relatives and friends over.


The bungalow consists of 7 bedrooms and bathrooms and a lot of open space gardens. The living room is on the first floor, which is linked to an open garden, porch and the gate area.

The second floor consists of the dining area, kitchen, guest room and a small cozy family sitting area. It also has an outdoor patio and jacuzzi, that links to the backyard with an in-built steam room! The backyard also has an open shower system! Such facilities are a rare find, which would make an interesting addition to your shoots!

The master bedroom is the only room that is midway between levels. As for the third floor, it includes the son’s room as well as Alka’s vanity room for her personal belongings such as bags, jewellery and a walk-in wardrobe. Imagine how great it is to have a room built specially to display your luxury items and also to store the stuff you buy!

There is also another sitting area on the third floor, with shelves that display the family’s accomplishments and awards proudly displayed.

For the couple, the important criteria for a house would be to have natural light, natural breeze and to be facing a perfect East, according to the Indian tradition. The house also has a name, called Mangalam which means something that brings well-being.

The owners have not decorated the house with any bought out items, and everything is of their creation or handmade. The artefacts in the house are not abstract, they simply consist of statues of Indian Gods such as Ganesha and Saraswathi, providing an element of well-being. The walls are also decked with family photos, paintings, and even Swarovski sculptures done by Alka herself since 10 years ago! 

To conclude, with Alka’s experience in the media industry, she’ll definitely be a good and understanding host for your shoot. Also, with a house that big, you’ll definitely have a good time and shoot experience here.

You can book this listing for $85/hr & view more 360° photos at https://www.filmplace.co/rooms/10297