Behind the Scenes!

Ever wondered how it is like behind the scenes of filming in your house? One of our Pro-Host, Cherissa, tells us her story on the filming that happened within her 3 room HDB apartment!

RECCE (Scouting):

Filmmakers will usually ask if they can scout your location or the area around it, determining if it is suitable for their film. In some cases, when a first time recce is insufficient, some filmmakers will do a second recce for their art department and tech crew to better plan and decide on the setup.


  • The production company notified my floor neighbours that there will be filming. Usually about one week before the shoot to prepare them for any commotion caused and production equipment blocking the area.
  • A notice for filming with the shoot duration will be exhibited beside the lift of the building level as a second reminder.
  • Production crew will normally have their meals at void deck/multi-purpose hall to avoid overcrowding at the corridors if you live in a HDB or condo.


Setup will usually happen one day before the actual shoot. In my case, the production team came in the morning to unload items such as the ice key/foldable tables etc. Some were brought to the storeroom. The art team came in at 2-5pm to set-up and also determine the placements of props.

Both aesthetically set-up rooms used for filming the scenes.


  • Safe entry sheets were placed outside the unit for filmmakers to scan before they enter the house.
  • The producer arrived half an hour earlier to prepare the set and organise things moving into the house.
  • The filming lasted for 2 days, from 10am-10pm each day.

    The story is about a young couple who tried to coexist with the wife’s grandmother after an incident happened. When differences between them ensue, they try to live harmoniously with each other, whilst pretending to be roommates due to the grandmother’s traditional beliefs.

There is roughly 15 people in the house, so it is very crowded! Movements are strictly limited so as to not disrupt the flow of the production.

Filming one of the last scenes before wrapping up.

A snapshot of the crew during a scene change.

It’s a Wrap!

  • And just like that, 2 exciting days went by without a problem! We were thankful that no damages were found during production.
  • We were also assured that if we do discover damages, like broken utensils, scratched or chipped furniture, we can raise a dispute anytime within one week after wrap via Filmplace. Filmplace would investigate, and if the claims were credible, we will be compensated by the amount we put as our security fee.

We hope that Cherissa’s story has given you insights to the dynamic process of filming! Happy hosting☺️

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