covid-19 assistance package

COVID-19 Assistance Package

Dear members,

I would like to take this opportunity to invite your friends and family to join Filmplace as we help people to make some money during difficult times like this by opening your house/offices/cafe/etc to the filmmakers while also helping the film communities to continue their virtual recce through our site.

We are also currently providing assistance to all our members who listed their property with us with up to $1,000 Assistance Bonus per host for all successful bookings from 04 May till 31 May 2020.

How do I qualify?
1. Register as a member and list at least 1 property with us.
2. During the period from 04 May till 31 May 2020, if your property was booked successfully by a filmmaker or a film company, you will be entitled to our $100 Assistance Bonus.
3. If you have confirmed bookings for 5 days, you will qualify for $500 Assistance Bonus for a maximum of up to $1,000 SGD. Booking per day will have to be at a min of 10 hours to qualify.
4. The payout for your Assistance Bonus will be issued 30 days after the filming dates.

*Terms and conditions apply.

As a start-up, this Assistance Package will cost us a huge chunk in our Finances paper. However, we are dedicated to helping all our members pass through this crisis. As for filmmakers, do help your fellow netizens too by pre-booking your venues through our platform so they can get our Assistance Bonus to help them during these periods.

Let us all work together, and we will overcome COVID-19 as one united community!

Lincoln Lin
Founder / CEO of Filmplace