Covid 19 Disinfection Service

Right at your doorstep!

In view of the ongoing pandemic and to step up our safety measures, Filmplace has implemented a Covid 19 Disinfection Service (misting) as an additional option under the ‘Pricing’ tab.

What we use:


  • Revolutionary disinfectant, main ingredient H2O2
  • Recommended by World Health Organisation
  • 99.9999% effective against bacteria(s) such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Escherichia Coli, and Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Uses (lightweight) Non-Wetting Mist at Approx. 7.5
  • Able to float to reach further range
  • Penetrates inaccessible areas and bounces off solid surface
  • Low risk of corrosion
  • No wiping required

How much it costs:

It varies. You will need to input your listing size under Your Listings -> Manage Listing and Calendar -> Basics -> Select Listing Size. Once you have done so, the disinfectant price will be auto calculated. The cost will be borne by the filmmaker, not the host.

How it works:

Both the host and the filmmaker will have the option to decide whether they want the misting done for the location, before or after a film shoot. If the host needs misting to be done whenever there is a filming, he/she can select “Make Misting required to book” under Additional Pricing Options.

If the host/filmmaker requires misting even when no filming is going on, he/she can go to the Disinfectant Service tab and book a misting separately.

The Options: There are 3 options available – before the shoot, after the shoot, or both (before and after the shoot). Whenever a disinfectant service is scheduled, a confirmation email will be sent to the one who made the booking. The email will contain important details such as when the misting is happening, your home address and the cost of the misting.

How to book (for host/filmmaker):

1. “Disinfectant Service” tab
2. Select “Book Disinfectant”
3. Key in house address and payment details
4. Disinfectant Service booked!

How to enable (for host):

1. Go to Your Listings > Manage Listings and Calendar
2. If you have not selected your Listing Size, please do so under “Basics”
3. After you have indicated your listing size, go to Pricing > Additional Pricing Options > select Make Misting required to book
You’ve activated mandatory disinfectant service!

Whether you desire extra protection, or just being cautious about the health and safety of your family or crew members, the disinfection service is here in Filmplace for easy booking! Let’s do our part to continue fighting the virus!