Location of the Week: The Royal Albatross

This week, we present to you Asia’s only traditionally rigged luxury tall ship, the Royal Albatross! Designed by Hollywood Master Rigger Jim Barry, who was involved in designing the ships in Master & Commander and Pirates of the Carribean. It even appeared in the movie, Dark Knight (2008), as Bruce Wayne’s private yacht. Expect nothing less from the Royal Albatross!

Did you know: The ship is docked in the southern side of Singapore, off the coast of Sentosa?
A screen capture from the film ‘Dark Knight (2008) where the yacht was transformed into Batman’s private yacht.

With a striking resemblance to an imperial age pirate ship, the Royal Albatross stands out as one of the most exotic locations in Singapore. It boasts its very own wine tasting coupled with a 3-course dinner and an exciting mast climbing activity (aye, ya wanna be a pirate?).

Enjoy the views of Singapore’s waters illuminated by the golden cast of the sunset with the sea breeze gently blowing against your face. It certainly is unpretentiously beautiful in its own way.

It paints a tranquil yet romantic experience on board as a live band serenades you with your favourite tunes. Bask in the rays of the setting sun as you rock gently with the motion of the ship. You might possibly get a sense of deja vu from similar Hollywood movies, or just pretend you are Captain Jack Sparrow or Elizabeth Swann!

After sundown, the ship transforms into a lively hotspot where the lights come on and music begins playing. The night is as young as you like it to be!

After dinner, and probably some spicy gossips, hangout in the air conditioned lounge at the middle deck (picture below) which can comfortably sit up to 56 guests. Moreover, there are 5 en-suite cabins specially for guests who are bold enough for the private charter program or overnight cruise.

On the other hand, the ship is no stranger to the myriad of proposals and anniversary celebrations.

Renting the entire ship comes with the precious opportunity to shoot the most picturesque and amazing scenes. Can you imagine the scene? A romantic moment on the deck, champagne glasses in hand, laughing uninhibitedly. The setting sun, sea breeze and relaxing ambience…

Or imagine, this ship as a film set for your next epic pirate movie! Sword fights, musketeers and an adventure on the high seas! The ship is located far from the bustle of the Singapore traffic and is available with an onboard captain to sail out to open waters.

The Royal Albatross is available for your next film at: filmplace.co/rooms/10224