Filming Locations in the Media: Kpop Music Videos Pt. 2

NCT U 엔시티 유 ‘Work It’ MV
Source: NCT U ‘Work It’ music video

Somehow Korean fans have identified filming locations from music videos alone. This time, NCTzens (NCT fans) have located a filming place from the ‘Work it’ music video.

Source: NCT U ‘Work It’ music video

That location is none other Asomeplex, a sports center that offers 5 different attractions to have fun at. Those who make a reservation can enjoy a water park with a swimming pool, the spin rider, a jjimjilbang, sports facilities, and walking trails. 

Source: NCT U ‘Work It’ music video

In ‘Work It’ we can see members of NCT performing in various locations. Quick shots of them dancing on a lush green field surrounded by a gate and a huge light tower can be seen for seconds at a time. Fans that may have visited Asomeplex must have recognized the gate and light tower. Thus realizing it was the baseball field from this sports center. The baseball field, known as ‘오썸야구,’ (oh some baseball) is one of the three sports facilities at this location. 

Source: 5someplex

We actually have a baseball field much like the one in this music video available as a filming location on Filmplace Korea.

Source: Filmplace

The music video is fast paced just like the song, and quickly transitions from one filming location to the next. It is incredible how fans could figure out the exact location from only quick glimpses in the video. 

Source: NCT U ‘Work It’ music video
NCT DREAM 엔시티 드림 ‘Hello Future’ MV

Thanks to a dedicated c-zennie on twitter, we are able to share one of the locations in the ‘Hello Future” music video with you. 

Source: NCT Dream ‘Hello Future’ music video

The music video focuses on themes of peace, spaceships, aliens, and the future, just like the title and lyrics suggest. One of the main locations that the members dance in throughout the video is a sports stadium, the main stadium located inside of the Cheonan Sports Complex. This massive stadium has the capacity to hold up to 30,000 people. The camera people must have been delighted to shoot at such a large location because it gave them ample opportunities for extreme wide shots of the boys choreography. 

Source: NCT Dream ‘Hello Future’ music video

Dream members dance on the soccer field in front of a goal post decorated with flowers as petals fall from above them. The imagery is quite lovely and fits in well with that hippie style theme of ‘peace’ they are trying to portray. 

Source: NCT Dream ‘Hello Future’ music video

Near the end of the music video, night falls onto the stadium. The powerful stadium light towers illuminate the dancers as computer generated alien spaceships fly overhead. 

Source: NCT Dream ‘Hello Future’ music video
Monsta X – WHO DO U LOVE? ft. French Montana and ONEUS (원어스) – ‘COME BACK HOME’ MV
Source: ONEUS ‘Come Back Home’ music video

Approximately one year ago, ONEUS had a comeback with their mini album ‘LIVED’ where they released a music video to one of the tracks called ‘Come Back Home’. Some fans recognized the location as the same theatre in Monsta X’s ‘Who Do You Love’ music video.  

Source: Monsta X ‘WHO DO YOU LOVE’ music video

Some netizens were quick to criticize ONEUS for performing in the same theatre as Monsta X, claiming that they were copying them. It is not uncommon for groups to shoot their music video in the same location as others. In fact, it happens quite often. The Monsta X music video was a whole year before the ONEUS video. Both, although in the same location, are very different. 

Source: Visit Seoul
Source: ONEUS ‘Come Back Home’ music video

In both videos we see the same elegant red theatre with ornate red and gold detail on the balconies. Korean fans have recognized this location as the Universal Arts Center in Seoul, previously known as Little Angels Art Center. 

Source: 10 Mag

In the Monsta X video members are singing or dancing individually, while in the Oneus video we see the group perform as a team on the theatre stage for the majority of the video. 

Source: Monsta X ‘WHO DO YOU LOVE’ music video

On the bright side, fans of the two were happy to see both groups perform in the same location. Many encouraged Monbebe (Monsta X fans) to support ONEUS’s comeback by watching their music video.

Source: ONEUS ‘Come Back Home’ music video

Once again we have seen how filming locations turn into the perfect space for Kpop music videos. Check back in next time for more filming locations in the media.

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