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Filmplace Top Film Location Picks for March

Welcome to our top film location picks for March! Whether you’re a filmmaker or photographer seeking inspiration, we’ve curated a diverse selection of locations just for you.

Come explore a charming English manor where history meets modern style with a contemporary colour palette. Delve into the vibrant and eclectic maximalist lounge, offering an ideal backdrop for capturing truly distinctive photographs. Traverse to the heart of a beloved Singaporean family home with a charming archway. Lastly, experience this dynamic ambience of a Korean university, with its lecture halls, libraries, and sprawling sports fields, all waiting to be discovered.

Ornate Pastel Manor | England, United Kingdom

Filmplace first top film location pick march: listing 12882 Ornate Pastel Manor in England, United Kingdom photo collage

Category: Housing | Rustic/Old Houses
Accommodates: 41+ Cast & Crew

This 19th-century manor has recently undergone an extensive restoration transforming it into a stunning location that combines the elegant and elaborate interior of the time with a modern colour palette. With 6000 square feet of living to explore, spanned over two stories and multiple outdoor terraces and gardens; this venue is packed full of eye-catching backgrounds.

On the inside, there are three formal reception areas, each with an elegant embossed ceiling and skirting decorations that defined the interior design concepts for the 1900’s. Firstly, a baby blue and pink-toned walled seating area, complete with a gorgeous chandelier, stencilled archways, and pillars. Another lounge area with a unique and dark atmosphere coming from the royal blue couches, plum walls and a fireplace perfect for reading a book late at night. Lastly, a high-ceiling courtroom adorned with gold, blue and white plasterwork overlooked by a walkway from the second floor. 

Additionally, there is a spacious kitchen, a cinema room, a wine cellar, and several bedrooms, all connected by wide hallways decorated with stunning historic paintings and restored original Versailles parquet wooden flooring. We can’t forget to mention the outdoor courtyards and the chicken coop next to the logwood storage, adding to the unique atmosphere of this location.

Truly a one-of-a-kind film location; we can’t recommend this stunning property enough. If you’re looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your next project, then look no further than this Ornate Pastel Manor in England.

Eclectic Maxamalist Event Space | Singapore

Filmplace second top film location pick march: listing 10348 Ornate Pastel Manor in England, United Kingdom photo collage

Category: Shop/Service | Lounge
Accommodates: 1-10 Cast & Crew

 Get inspired as you step into the maximalist lounge space by WOLA @ Proxima; the perfect haven for artists and visionaries to tap into that creative energy.

This location is a multi-faceted event space conceptualised by designers, for designers to curate a unique experience for all who visit. There is a collection of various brands and art pieces throughout the building that cannot be found anywhere else. Spanning two stories, it features an eclectic mix of lounges, meeting rooms, and workspace adorned with unique artworks and bespoke furnishings.

Whether the scene is two businessmen meeting for an informal coffee meeting, an independent creative looking for a unique space to get inspired for his work, or an awe-inspiring background for your next fashion photoshoot; this space has you covered. 

Come into the perfect film location where your creativity can soar, and see your ideas come alive in a space made for artistic expression.

Mid-Century Modern with Archway | Singapore

Filmplace fourth top film location pick march: listing 11497, Mid-Century Modern with Archway in Singapore photo collage

Category: Housing | Modern Apartment
Accommodates: 21-30 Cast & Crew

Located in the heart of the Tampines, this 5-room HBD stands as one of our most sought-after locations thanks to its inviting atmosphere and versatile space. With four bedrooms spanning 1410 square feet, this home offers ample room for creativity to flourish. 

This family home has a dedicated children’s playroom providing a backdrop for those family-oriented shots. The combined master bedroom, spacious study, and of course, children’s bedrooms ensure you have everything you need for any family lifestyle shoots. Each of these rooms boasts a generous size that allows for comfortable setups for your cast and crew to find those perfect compositions. Plus, the living room serves as a blank canvas as it is easy to rearrange the furniture to transform it into any aesthetic. Lastly, the abundance of sunlight that streams through the ¾ windows with sheer curtains allows you to capture your subjects with realistic and soft natural lighting.

The hosts are well experienced in accommodating filmmakers and photographers so you can relax knowing that you are in capable hands. Come and see for yourself why this is one of the most popular family home film locations.

Geumgang University | Nonsan, South Korea

Filmplace fourth top film location pick march: listing 12132, 12134, 12135, and 12700 at Geumgang University in Nonsan, South Korea photo collage

Category: Education | University
Accommodates: 41+ Cast & Crew

For our final March film location recommendation, we wanted to shine a light on one of our more unique groups of listings on Filmplace. Come with us to explore Geumgang University in Nonsan South Korea.

Firstly off wanted to highlight the pristine track and field facilities here at Geumgang. Complete with a red clay track, football goals, a large bleacher stand and floodlights. Check out more on Filmplace listing 12135.

No university would be complete without lecture halls and classrooms. Here you can check out the typical Korean classroom layout with listing number 12700.

Lastly, we want to show you the library building which is broken down into two separate listings. For the interior of the building (12132) you will find multiple stories filled with books, self-study areas, and more, all interconnected with a spiral staircase. The rooftop of the library (12134) is extremely special because of the eye-catching art pieces and mountain views that set this university apart from the rest.

Oh and did we mention that there was a famous K-pop group that recorded a popular music video here? Find out more about this and the rest of the university’s other offers at the host profile link below.

As March draws near, we hope you can find inspiration in our curated selection of film locations. From the ornate elegance of an English manor to the vibrant creativity of a Singaporean event space, and the inviting warmth of a modern Singaporean apartment to the dynamic ambiance of a Korean university, each location offers a unique backdrop for your next creative project. We can’t wait to see the stories you bring to life in these remarkable settings.

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