Filmplace monthly top film location picks for June collage

Filmplace Top Film Location Picks for June

June is upon us, bringing a fresh selection of extraordinary filming locations that will inspire and elevate your next project. From the industrial charm of a container homestay in Malaysia to the traditional elegance of a Hanok village in Korea, and from the bohemian chic of a Singapore apartment to the versatile production stages in Florida, we have curated a diverse selection of venues to suit every creative need. Dive into our top film location picks for June and discover the perfect backdrop for your next masterpiece.

Unique Container Homestay | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Filmplace top film location pick for May: Listing 11302 Unique Container Homestay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia photo collage.

Category: Housing | Bungalow
Accommodates: 21-30 People

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this stunning venue features a unique industrial container concept. Multiple shipping containers are arranged in a courtyard layout, creating a communal space that is both modern and inviting. The dark blues and blacks of the containers are beautifully offset by the yellow fluorescent walkway lighting and vibrant garden lights that illuminate the garden and pool area at night. 

Outdoor seating includes simple, modern furniture made from metal and wood, while the surrounding greenery softens the industrial look. By using shipping containers as the primary building material gives the homestay a distinctive aesthetic. Large windows and doors, bamboo shades, and a metal framework supporting the balconies and roofs brings this unique look together. The central courtyard, surrounded by lush landscaping and a well-lit pool, serves as the perfect gathering spot at the end of a warm and humid day in Malaysia. Truly one of Filmplace’s most unique film locations. Take a look at the full listing to see how this venue harmonizes the juxtaposition between an industrial vibe with the surrounding relaxing jungle.

Multifaceted Outdoor and Indoor Event Spaces | Dong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

Filmplace top film location pick for May: Listing 11933  Multifaceted Outdoor and Indoor Event Spaces in Dong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea, photo collage.

Category: Event Studio | Stage & Wedding Hall
Accommodates: 21-30 Cast & Crew

Nestled in the mid-mountain region of Dong-gu, Daejeon, Korea, this venue combines traditional hanok charm with modern event facilities. The site includes a multi-story cafe, a small village-style housing area, and expansive open spaces for events. The outdoor areas feature large flat stones inlaid between grass, surrounded by traditional buildings, creating a courtyard-like atmosphere reminiscent of historic Korean villages.

The highlight of this venue is the automatic roof dome within the bamboo park, accommodating up to 300 people. With picturesque views of the hanok village and the surrounding mountains; the café is perfect for socializing and relaxing. This venue is ideal for weddings, cultural events, and large gatherings, offering a tranquil setting that will captivate any filmmaker. Explore this venue that beautifully combines nature and history for your next film location.

Scandi Bohemian Home | Singapore

Filmplace top film location pick for May: listing 11534 Scandi Bohemian Home in Singapore, photo collage.

Category: Housing | Modern Apartment
Accommodates: 31-40 Cast & Crew

Situated in Singapore’s vibrant Tampines district, this impeccably furnished executive apartment spans 1528 square feet of perfectly harmonized interior design. The spacious open-plan living and dining room, along with an open-concept kitchen featuring an island counter and bar stools, provides ample space for large shoots. The neutral colour palette of white and dull wood tones, creates a calming, bohemian atmosphere that is both stylish and inviting.

The apartment includes four bedrooms, a balcony with a rattan swing chair, and various cozy spaces perfect for accommodating your crew and storing equipment. As one of Filmplaces PRO hosts with many successful shoots under their belt, this host ensures a seamless and professional filming experience. Come and experience how our Filmplace hosts are shaping the future of the film industry today at the Scandi Bohemian Home.

One-Stop-Shop Event Studio | Doral, Florida, United States

Filmplace top film location pick for June: Listing 12338 One-Stop-Shop Event Studio in Doral, Florida, United States, photo collage.

Category: Event Studio | Photo Studio 
Accommodates: 41+ Cast & Crew

Located in Doral, Florida, this fully equipped filming studio is a premier production facility featuring three sound stages: Studio A (7200 sq/ft), Studio B (4000 sq/ft), and Studio C (2000 sq/ft). With green rooms, makeup rooms, production offices, a cafeteria, and parking for up to 100 cars, this facility is equipped to handle all your production needs.

Ideal for commercial filming, this large studio facility can accommodate everything from musical theatre numbers, news broadcasts, music videos, and any other product shoot you may need to do. The large stages are even capable of holding vehicles, making it a versatile and practical choice for any production. If you’re looking for a large commercial film location that can do it all, look no further than our one-stop-shop event studio in Doral, Florida.

As we step into June, seize the opportunity to make some of Filmplace diverse and captivating venues your next film location. From the industrial elegance of Malaysia’s container homestay to the traditional charm of Korea’s hanok village, the bohemian allure of a Singapore apartment and the professional setup of the amazing Florida studio, each filming venue offers a unique backdrop to bring your projects to life. Book your ideal location on Filmplace today and unleash your creative vision on the world.

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