Host Spotlight: The Travel Intern Studio


The hosts behind this modern studio is the online media company, The Travel Intern. They are a Singapore based company that creates travel related content in the form of articles and videos.

Their goal: inspire others through writing, photography, and filmmaking in hopes that you seek a new experience.

It could be a country on your bucket list, a city that intrigues you, or a dish you’ve never tried. Anything that’s a new slice of the world!

The Travel Intern

Find them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Telegram to keep up with their travel stories. They enjoy meeting new people, and are serious cat lovers too!


This photo and video studio is an in-house studio for their company that stands at around 2,000 square feet located in Bukit Merah (Jalan Kilang), Singapore. Due to the on-going pandemic, the studio is underutilized, which led them to rent it out to freelance photographers and videographers on Filmplace. Their office space is also currently empty because of the work from home situation. Check out their office space on their other listing which consists of both the studio and a larger space with large wooden tables and benches – perfect for anyone looking for spacious areas to conduct workshops.

The studio has an interchangeable backdrop with four different colors (green, white, beige, and terracotta). Your crew can also use the extended area that has a black wall with vine decor.

Lighting Equipment

  • – 2x Godox SL60 lights
  • – 2x lamp shades
  • – 1x square softbox
  • – 1x umbrella
  • – 2x NANLITE PavoTube 30C
  • – 1x Selens reflector
  • – 2x c-stands


The studio is centrally located and near a main road with several bus services. There are also many great food options, from cheap local fare to awesome brunch and coffee shops located within walking distance from the space – perfect for filmmakers that need some perk-me-up during long sessions of filming.

What’s even better is that food and drinks are allowed as long as the space is kept clean. Snack ’till your heart and belly are content!


Do take note that The Travel Intern has two very cute and friendly cats that live in the studio, so renters are advised to check in with their group if anyone has any cat allergies or are uncomfortable with cats before booking our space. However, they will keep the cats in their own room (not accessible to filmmakers) during filming to minimize disruptions. 

Find The Travel Intern‘s studio here on Filmplace for only SGD$38 per hour.