Host Spotlight: Unique Cottage in Korea


Seung Kwan Kim (Eddy) enjoys leaving his comfort zone and has a passion for exploring different cultures and meeting new people or helping others, which has helped him to become a more open-minded and creative person. Eddy loves not only urban life but also rural life. Eddy lives his life with a motto, “Life is a gift. Don’t waste your life”. Everything you do is based on your decision. Thus, he tries to make decisions or do something that he will not regret in the future.

Now, he is more focused or interested in the startup industry, business development and is looking forward to continuing his journey in the startup industry to seek an opportunity to help others with creative ideas. This gives Eddy another reason to become a host and list up his house for filming.

Seung Kwan Kim in European Bungalow


Eddy’s family who has spent over 25 years living in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea have always wanted a peaceful and quiet place where they can spend a weekend together. Finally, in 2015, they decided to build a bungalow located in a rural area (Sudong-myeon /수동면) that is one hour away by driving from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

The first Bungalow (European Bungalow) was made and designed by Eddy’s family.

Picture of the living room of European Bungalow

Walls were made of Canadian louvre, cork. The fireplace was imported from Germany. The interior was done by Eddy’s mother (Jung Ae Lee). The surface of the Bungalow was painted by Eddy and his father (Jong Ha Kim). The rest of the construction of the house was done by construction workers to make sure that the house is safe sturdy to live in.

Building a Bungalow wasn’t an easy thing to do because Eddy’s family had to engage in all the interior design, materials that will be used for building a Bungalow, and so on. However, it was worth it because the cottage was built with high-end materials and had a beautiful interior, which also attracted neighbours’ attention which led them to visit Eddy’s house and take photos of his Bungalow.

Asian Bungalo (Constructed in 2017)

Photo taken in 2015 in the daytime. On the left, there is Eddy’s Asian Bungalow before renovation. 

Eddy, who loves not only urban life, but also rural life decided to also build his Bungalow right next to his family’s European Bungalow. Since 2017, the construction of Eddy’s Asian styled Bungalow started. In December 2017, the construction of Eddy’s Asian styled Bungalow, Hanok (The traditional Korean house) which has its own unique patented design was finally completed. To tell about what exactly is

Eddy’s Asian Bungalow before renovation

Hanok, it is a traditional Korean house that was first designed and built in the 14th century during the Joseon Dynasty. It is not an exaggeration to say that Hanok is a house of nature since it is made of natural ingredients such as wood, stone, or other soil.

Asian Bungalo (Renovated in 2021)

Photo taken in 2020 in the nighttime On the left, there is Eddy’s renovated Asian Bungalow

After constructing Eddy’s Asian Bungalow, Eddy felt that expansion work for his Asian Bungalow was needed since it was more like a mini house rather than an actual house. Therefore, Eddy’s Asian Bungalow expansion construction began in the year 2021 and was finally completed at end of the year 2021. The design, material of the house was also made by Eddy and his family. What is interesting about Eddy’s newly constructed Asian Bungalow is that its design is combined with Asian and European styles. If you go inside Eddy’s Asian style Bungalow, you will see part of the previous Asian Bungalow (Hanok house) is inside Western-styled Bungalow which can be hardly seen from any other places but only at Eddy’s house.


Both European and Asian Bungalow is made of high-end, nature-friendly materials and were designed by Eddy’s family. Inside our European Bungalow, there is a hidden room which is a perfect place to take photos with your friends or families. Eddy once made a music video in this hidden room since the interior was a perfect filming location that gives warm, cosy feelings.

Inside Eddy’s Asian Bungalow

As for Asian styled Bungalow, we have the floor that is made of ondol (Korean Home Heating System) which is an ancient heating system lasting millennium. To tell a bit about what is ondol, it is an extremely efficient, innovative home heating system which is good for people’s health. As Korean ancestors did centuries ago, we also use woods to heat the ondol which will make the house warm. You can even enjoy a sauna with ondol. Thus, Eddy’s house is unique since it has a great harmony of Asian and Western design.

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