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Hourly Booking & Many More updates for Feb 2020!

We are so happy to announce our brand new look & new updates. We basically redesigned our entire layout to make it more user-friendly while giving you more interactive ways of booking your film locations! Check out below of what are some of the major changes.

  1. Hourly Booking
    Yay! Finally, we have hourly booking so you don’t have to worry about overpaying those hours you never use. You can also search for properties that offer hourly booking via https://filmplace.co/s and click on Booking Type in the filter tab.

  2. Service Fee Changes
    We are further reducing the fee for film companies from 10% to 3%. On top of that, we will reduce our Host fee from 12% to only 3%! This will begin on 01 March 2020.

    Let us explain further.

    We currently charge 10% service fee from Filmmakers from using our platform. This will be reduced to only 3% from 01 March 2020 onwards. We are also charging 12% from our host, and this will also be reduced to 3%.

    So some of you might ask, why do I need to pay the service fee?
    Well, we have to pay 5% to our payment gateway for every transaction you made through our system. On top of that, our employees need to be paid too otherwise we will have to eat grass. (well not literally, but you get what we meant) Using our platform and transaction through our platform allow us to keep offering this solution to you as well as making your life easier when sourcing for venues. Right?
  3. Premium+
    Premium+ Service basically provides our filmmakers with customization solutions when sourcing for locations. It’s quite similar to hiring a location manager, but we, of course, work differently since we are different right? (Kidding)

    But yes, We do not charge a daily fee. Here’s how we charge to help you save costs.
    (A) Setup Fee – SGD 500
    (B) Every successful confirmed location – 15% of the location fee

    Total fee payable: (A) + (B)

    Example: we secure 2 locations for you and both locations payable is $1000. 15% of the location fee will be $150. So in total, you will pay $500 + $150. Great? You will save tons of cost if you have multiple locations you need to secure.

Oh and we always encourage everyone to pay through our platform because we actually provide emergency support and last min solutions to all our filmmakers. On top of that, we provide assurance in case your property gets damaged during filming.

Well, you won’t get any of those if you decide not to pay through our platform. Why risk?

Lastly, our Launch Party is coming out soon! We will keep all of you informed once we get more details!

Happy Feb!

-Community Team