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How much can you earn by listing your space?

Many people would have never thought of listing their space/properties for filming. However, in the current century, film locations are at its highest peak. YouTubers, Movies, TV, Commercials, Corporate Videos, or even pre-wedding videos are looking for opportunities to film at places that are fit their story best. So many types of locations may be suitable as this not your typical Airbnb where people tends to look for the “best-designed homes” to stay.

Location owner for properties such as apartment, house, cafe, restaurant, retail spaces, warehouse, car park, park, garage, etc is all a possible film site. So how much exactly can you earn? Let’s look at the graph below.

Note: Each day is classified as 10 hours as per industrial standard

A typical apartment in Singapore allows you to make between $300 – $800 per day. Landed: $500 – $1,500, commercial: $1,000 – $10,000. Of course, we are talking about in Singapore. For places such as the UK will generally fetch a higher value due to its currency and country. Similar listing about in the UK can go between £550 – £1100 (As of 2020).

It seems like a pretty good deal as technically the owner can still do what they do, or even be in the comfort of their home while the money rolls in.

Filmplace brings the film location transaction and scouting to the next level by integrating technologies and protection scheme to support both Location owners and Filmmakers allowing both to benefits from it. With Filmplace, location owners now gain easier access to the film community looking for locations like theirs while Filmmaker saves time and cost by reducing their hiring of Location Managers and having constant updates of the locations catalogue. Below are some of the comparisons.

Overall, film locations is still a niches market with huge potential. Imagine running a cafe making money, while at the same time, filming is also going on at another part of your space tentatively maximizing the growth and revenue coming in. It’s definitely a win-win.