Journey to Korea during COVID-19!

As of 15th August, one of Filmplace’s shareholders, Isaac is representing Filmplace to take part in the K-Startup Grand Challenge (KSGC) 2020 in Korea! He was currently serving his mandatory quarantine and he will start the training program today, on 1st September! Our Founder/CEO, Lincoln will be joining him in October.

Background about Isaac

Isaac is our shareholder and also both a filmmaker and host at Filmplace. He has been in the film industry since 2015 and he graduated from NTU with a bachelor in filmmaking. He creates his own videos and he has been renting out his HDBs for filming for a few years, even before Filmplace started out! Isaac definitely has the experience and understands the operations of the media industry, as well as our platform clearly.

Insights to travelling during COVID-19

Travelling has become almost impossible in the pandemic unless it is strictly for business. Isaac’s journey to KSGC provides us with some insights on how it is like to travel during this season, and you can find out more by watching his vlogs below!

Who would have imagined the bustling Singapore Changi Airport to turn into a quiet, and dark ghost town?

Instead of seeing cabin crew nicely dressed in uniforms, they are all wearing the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for additional safety protocol even onboard the flight, to prevent the virus from spreading. The flight is nearly empty as well!

All countries are also very strict on visitors entering in and out of the country during this period. In Korea, upon arrival, visitors will have to go through different stations for health declaration and to check on their purpose of the visit. The whole clearance in the airport took Isaac nearly 3hrs!

“Officials will be dressed in PPE and they will never leave you out of sight”

Isaac’s recount about his experience in Incheon airport

Quarantine experience

Isaac also shared about his quarantine in Hotel Bernoui for about 14 nights/15 days. He is strictly not allowed to leave the room at all throughout his quarantine period. One interesting fact about quarantine in Korea is that, before a food delivery is being made, there will be an announcement through the PA system! Daily health status report will be mandatory, including for KSGC.

The Filmplace team wishes Isaac the best of luck throughout his trip in Korea and also in the KSGC program!