Korea University Partnership

Currently in South Korea, Filmplace CEO, Lincoln Lin has signed a partnership with Doowon University on 14 April 2021.

Filmplace is looking forward to work with the younger generation to tap on today’s Korea booming media and entertainment industry. The partnership will grant the school’s university students access to various filming locations not only locally, but globally as well.

On top of that, students are entitled to an additional discount when they decide to book a location on our platform. Understanding how difficult it is to source for a shooting location be it for work or a school project, this discounted fee encourages accessibility to source for a location readily available on our platform.

Such discounts are not only applicable to graduating student, but graduates and alumni of the school as well, since there aren’t many resources out there to facilitate in the scouting of location for their graduation film or future projects.

Signing Ceremony

Some of the spaces Doowon University offers include 2 libraries and a big hall for interested filmmakers.

The private college located in Anseong, has one of the scenes appeared in the popular Korean Drama – Sign, was being filmed in their library. Doowon University is located in Anseong and have a newly opened campus is Paju.

Filmplace is in midst of discussing several bigger partnerships in both Korea and Singapore.