New and Upcoming Updates

New and Upcoming Updates!

Newly Launched Hourly Booking System

Dear users,

We have recently changed our booking system into a multi-date hourly booking system. Filmmakers are now able to select and book locations for multiple shoot dates with their preferred timing. As such, the option to book locations for per day has been removed.

Multi-date hourly booking system

For hosts, you are only required to set an hourly pricing rate, instead of the previous daily and hourly pricing.

There is a flexibility to select hourly pricing for weekend and overnight prices
Hourly pricing

Upcoming Updates

We are working towards updating our platform messaging system. There will be 3 phases for this upgrade, in order for us to build a real-time chat system to help our users communicate with ease.

Phase 1

The chat system will be transformed into real-time where you can have live conversations with each other. There will be typing indicators, alerts to show if your message has been sent and delivered, as well as being able to see if your message has been read.

Additional functions include:

  • Added notification settings: When a message is received, there will be a pop-up notification on your browser web even if you do not have the Filmplace tab open. This will allow a more immersive and immediate interaction between hosts and filmmakers.
  • Ability to attach photos and videos in the message, which would be useful for hosts to attach more photos/videos of their space for filmmakers.

Phase 2 and 3: There will be an added phone call, followed by video call functionality

We are constantly improving our platform to make it as user-friendly and accessible as possible. You may look forward to these upcoming changes by the end of September!