Progression Update for Filmplace in Korea

In the previous blog post, we have shared that Isaac, one of our shareholders, is currently in Korea for the KSGC programme supported by the Korean government. Here’s an update about his progress in Korea!

On Thursday, 8th Oct 2020, Filmplace was 1 of the 5 teams selected to do a pitch presentation, amongst a total of 60 companies. This pitch was for partners of GCCEI, Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation. They have invited partnering Venture Capitalists (VCs) to meet with KSGC teams of their interest, and the VCs will follow up to contact the teams if interested!

Due to Covid-19, VCs were only able to watch the presentation online, while Isaac went down to present on location in the KSGC office. It was a 10-minute presentation, followed by 10 minute Q&A.

These are the VCs that Isaac has presented to:

  • Hyuk Jae Eric Chang (GS HomeShopping Inc.)
  • TaeWoong David Oh (Premier Partners)
  • JeongJoo Heo (Sparkslab)
  • JinYoung Goh (Global Asset Management)

Also, our Founder/CEO Lincoln Lin has made his way to Korea and will be joining Isaac very soon. Wishing them the best of luck in the programme!