Public Liability Insurance

For Malaysia Users:

How does Filmplace protect your listings?

Filmplace is here to provide assurance for all hosts, enabling a more safe and secured filming experience.

A Public Liability Insurance protects a host when filmmakers are unable to pay for damages caused during filming. It also protects the host physically if there are any incidents that cause injuries or even death during the process of filming. This only applies to hosts that make a claim for compensation.

For example, if the listed “Security Fee” for a host’s property is RM5000, and during filming, the filmmaker/crew makes damage which costs RM10,000 (more than the amount listed on the host’s Security Fee), the filmmaker will forfeit the security fee of RM5000. At the same time, an additional top-up of RM5000 is required to cover all damages. If they insist not to, cannot afford to pay or run away, that is when our Public Liability Insurance comes in to bridge the gap in damage claims. 

TAKE NOTE: This insurance is only claimable if the booking is transacted through Filmplace.

Eligibility of Insurance Coverage:

  1. Loss of, or damage, to property during filming process will be covered.
  2. Any personal injuries or death caused to the hosts during filming will be covered.
  3. When you are representing (leasing) a property/listing that does not belong to you and get sued by the owner for the damages caused during filming, you will still be covered by the insurance.

DISCLAIMER: This Public Liability Insurance does not cover COVID-19  nor any consequential loss resulting from it. This includes the onset of infection to the host caused by an infected crew.

How do you make a claim?

Hosts will need to submit an immediate notice with a brief explanation of the incident that happened during the filming process to the Dispute System in their Filmplace account. We will review it and notify the filmmaker of the damages made. If the cost of damage is unaffordable for a filmmaker, Filmplace will send your report together with other relevant documents to the insurer to be claimed accordingly.

This process should be completed within 15 days of the loss/damage incident. Failure to notify of a claim within 30 days may result in the insurer or Filmplace denying liability for any loss or damage.

Evidence needed for the claim:

  1. Completed claims form (Filmplace Dispute System).
  2. Photographs of Damage and any photo or video of incidence leading to the claim.
  3. Police Report for severe cases of injury to hosts.
  4. Any other information that may assist the Insurer in defending the host in respect of the claim.

Duration of claim payout:

The duration of claim payout can be on any period within 1 week, 1 month, or even 1 year depending on the stated severity of the damage/injury in the host’s agreement. However, if the host makes unreasonable demands, the case may be moved to court and depending on what the court awards, it will be born by our Public Liability Insurance as long as it is within the sum insured including costs.

How do you get paid?

All claims under the Public Liability Insurance will be made to Filmplace unless Filmplace gives instruction in writing for the claim to be paid directly to the relevant hosts.