What’s new on Filmplace?

Filmplace hears your feedback and will constantly improve till we achieve the best for our beloved community! With that being said, we are happy to present our new features and upgrades that will with no doubt, enhance your experience and make Filmplace the best choice for you.

1. Size of Listing

First up: listing size. This feature is added to help filmmakers better understand the size of the listing. This is a compulsory feature so all hosts will be prompted to add it in before taking on any bookings. The listing size will be used to automate and ease pricing options with 3rd party vendors in the future such as Covid-19 disinfectant services or cleaning services. For example, if you select 1001-2000SqFt, our Covid-19 disinfectant vendor will know exactly how much to bill with one look at the numbers.

Hence both filmmakers and hosts do not need to worry about liaising and negotiating a price with a 3rd party, Filmplace has you covered!

Select your listing size accordingly in square feet, under Listing -> Basics.

2. Security Fee

Security fee is now a compulsory feature as it plays a vital role in protecting your location during filming. Now you may be wondering, what is the difference between a security fee and deposit? A security deposit is when a filmmaker puts cash upfront BEFORE a film shoot begins to cover any damages. This exposes the filmmaker to various risks; like if the host decides to forfeit the deposit for whatever reason or if the host ghosts (pun unintended). This also severely impacts the filmmaker’s cashflow as deposits can range between $500-$1000+.

Hence, our security fee allows hosts to claim for damages AFTER a film shoot is completed. So filmmakers do not need to put upfront cash! They will only be billed up to the maximum of the security fee if the host can prove damages were made during filming.

Indicate an amount you are comfortable with. Do note, a fee too high will limit the number of bookings you can have.

Please note that no charges will be made unless you make a claim within 7 days after filming.

3. Site Visit Fee

The Site visit fee (Scouting fee) is when hosts charge filmmakers for the viewing of their location before filming. This fee was implemented because we understand how many hosts find it a hassle to have filmmakers continuously visit their venue, only to end up with no booking! Hence, the site visit fee allows hosts to get compensation especially if their listing is getting a lot of attention.

You may add in your preferred amount under “Site Visit Fee”.

4. Improved Host Dashboard

Introducing our improved dashboard for hosts! The dashboard allows hosts to see all their upcoming bookings in one snapshot, easing administration and centralising their records into one place.

Hosts will have direct access to your messages/inquiries, allowing for quick response to it immediately. There is also an “Unanswered Inquiries” and “Pending Requests” section to ease hosts to any unanswered messages from filmmakers.

Do you like our new system? We hope that it will give a more pleasant experience whether you are a host or filmmaker!

Stay tuned for future plans such as our mobile application, video call features and virtual tours for hosts!