Filmplace Korea’s First Networking Event for 2024

In the world of filmmaking, creating connections within the community is the lifeblood of an industry that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and creativity. At Filmplace, we understand the importance of the face-to-face connections you make with your fellow community, and that’s why we are thrilled to share the success of our recent networking event this Lunar New Year. This gathering marked the commencement of an exciting year for Filmplace as we invited our local users and guests to come together to talk about the future of the industry over a delicious dinner.

Boram Lee, Filmplace Product Manager (left) and Lincoln Lin Filmplace CEO (right) presenting the lunar new year networking event

Networking events serve a critical role in the filmmaking industry, providing a space for professionals, enthusiasts, and industry leaders to converge, share insights, and forge invaluable connections. It goes beyond the exchange of business cards; it’s about creating a dynamic ecosystem where ideas flourish, partnerships blossom, and the seeds of future cinematic masterpieces are sown.

Boram Lee (left) and Lincoln Lin (Right) show Filmplace introduction video

Our recent networking event was a resounding success, bringing together local filmmakers, hosts, and users for an evening of connection. Lincoln Lin, Filmplace CEO, and Boram Lee, Product Manager, unveiled exciting plans for 2024, which sees us exploring four new product placement projects after our successful trial with Running Man in late 2023 (read more here).

For a company like Filmplace, these gatherings are not just about showcasing our achievements, but about gaining invaluable insights into the industry we serve. The Filmplace Networking Event allowed us to hear firsthand from our community – to understand their needs, aspirations, and challenges. This exchange of information is a two-way street; as we gain insights, we can tailor our services to better meet the evolving needs of our users.

Boram Lee (left) presenting the future of Filmplace 2024 with Lincoln Lin (right)

We look forward to hosting more networking events like this in the future so we can play our role in helping the local and international filmmaking community grow and thrive. We hope by running more of these events, together, we can create a space where ideas flourish and partnerships thrive.

We want to give a big thank you to all who attended and also thank D-camp, our startup campus here in Korea, for providing us with the facilities to run such events. Stay tuned for updates, collaborations, and announcements from Filmplace as we continue to shape the future of filmmaking together.

Filmplace new year networking event discussion and lucky draw
Filmplace lunar new year event D-camp campus dinner

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