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Filmplace Top Film Location Picks For February 

We’re truly getting into the thick of things this year here at Filmplace and we wanted to take the time to share a few of our top picks to help you get inspired this February.

Experience an interior designer’s daydream with our beautiful Singapore luxury apartment, party the night away in style at our grand bar in South Korea, or shoot some edgy content at the 5-storey warehouse in England.

Two-story Club in Itaewon | Itaewon, South Korea

Filmplace listing 11798 Two-story Club in Itaewon, South Korea photo collage

Category: Food & Beverage | Bar
Accommodates: 41+ Cast & Crew

Light up your scenes with red neon lights in this two-story bar in the heart of Itaewon. Nestled in the bustling streets of Korea’s most multicultural town, you’ll feel like a prince (or princess) as you walk up the cobblestone-esque steps adorned with roses and draping greenery. Once you enter, you will be greeted by a grand golden statue that draws your eyes up and around the sleek and colourful decorations. Check out the upstairs areas with unmatched views of the first floor, lined with private booths laced with royal blue satin curtains that truly make you feel like modern-day royalty.

This venue is perfect for those scenes when you’re making deals with the sleazy club owner or tracking down the promiscuous woman who keeps managing to slip away in the crowd. If you need an eye-catching filming location, look no further than this two-story bar in Itaewon.

Cozy HBD with Curves & Styled Furniture | Singapore

Filmplace listing 13248 Cozy HBD with Curves and Styled Furniture in Singapore photo collage

Category: Housing | Modern Apartment
Accommodates: 11-20 Cast & Crew

Step into this modern apartment in the heart of Singapore and experience a lap of luxury that effortlessly combines sleek design with a touch of tropical paradise. This stunning location boasts a sophisticated white and soft-wood toned colour palette, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Immediately as you enter this home you are taken back by the perfect harmony created between the curvaceous nature of the interior that is perfectly balanced with the decorations. Mismatched mirrors, calming beach art, wicker lampshades, a white leather couch and sandy wood-toned shelves — we dare you to find another apartment with better interior design.

This space is great for shooting all kinds of content with moderately high ceilings and open spaces in the living rooms. It is perfect for shooting any sort of commercially oriented lifestyle or city-living content here or perhaps a modern family drama. We highly recommend you check this one out.

Algha Works 5-Story Warehouse with Rooftop | London, England

Filmplace listing 12089 Algha Works 5-Story Warehouse with Rooftop in London, England photo collage

Category: Others | Warehouse
Accommodates: 41+ Cast & Crew

Colourful graffiti, exposed brick, cracked concrete floors, and hanging fluorescent lights is everything you could want from an abandoned warehouse location. This 5-storey venue in Hackney Wick, London is the vibrant home for many creators looking for that grungy look in their projects. Algha Works brings us this beautiful heritage site with five unique floors, each offering a different tone and atmosphere. The large windows on each floor offer great natural light, making this a great spot for both film and photography. Oh, and be sure to check out the rooftop views of the surrounding town.

This warehouse is ideal for those edgy clothing brand photoshoots or wild music videos. It is also a suitable location for your main characters to disrupt some criminal dealings or even serve as the perfect discrete base of operations for the city’s vigilante hero. This isn’t just the warehouse your film needs; it’s the warehouse your film deserves.

Stylish Seaside Apartment | Singapore

Filmplace listing 13241 Stylish Seaside Apartment in Singapore photo collage

Category: Housing | Condominium
Accommodates: 10-20 Cast & Crew

Come and experience the charm of one of Filmplace’s newest listings with this quaint little house. This hidden gem boasts a unique poolside courtyard complete with some outdoor chairs and a gate leading you right down to the water. Inside the house we have a very compact kitchen with a surprising amount of bench space that directly attaches to the living room by the breakfast bar. One master bedroom with windows overlooking the pool and a second loft bed above a small study nook completes this intimate and elegant house.

This location would be great for doing lifestyle shoots showing off new household kitchenware or bed and bath products. The extremely high ceilings would allow you to capture a wide top-down shot of the whole house when you want to encapsulate the spirit of living in a small house in a big city.

As February approaches, get ready to embark on a cinematic journey filled with inspiration. Our selection of top film locations promises to ignite your creative spark. From the vibrant energy of a South Korean club to the sophisticated luxury of a Singaporean apartment, and the edgy allure of a London warehouse to the charming intimacy of a seaside apartment, each location will offer a unique canvas for your storytelling. Lights, camera, action—your adventure begins here with Filmplace.

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