Filmplace April monthly recommended venues collage

Filmplace Top Film Location Picks for April

We’re not fooling around when we say we have some hot location picks for you this month. Come and explore some of our must-see locations for April!

We’ve got a traditional Korean and Japanese-style housing complex in the heart of the concrete jungle, a luxurious tropical penthouse, a castle rich with history, and a jetty boat to take you out to the high seas. We can’t wait to see what creative visions you can project with these amazing film locations.

Traditional Korean and Japanese House | Jeju, South Korea

Filmplace first top film location pick April: listing 12492 traditional Korean and Japanese houses in Jeju South Korea photo collage

Category: Housing | Rustic/Old Houses 
Accommodates: 1-10 Cast & Crew

Step into an enchanting escape in the heart of the concrete jungle with our Jeju Bookstore and Sarangbang (men’s house). Remodelled from the historic Go family house, dating back to 1949, this venue offers a unique blend of Japanese and Jeju architectural styles. With spacious open courtyards adorned with green grass and traditional buildings from the period, this location exudes charm and authenticity.

Indulge in various events and cultural programs amidst the serene ambience of this historical gem. Capture the essence of traditional Korean and Japanese culture while exploring the rich heritage of Jeju. This location is perfect for unique fashion shoots, travel b-roll scenes or even a wholesome music video. If you are looking for a conveniently located shooting spot that captures the historical essence of Korea in the 1940’s then this location is well worth checking out.

Contemporary Zen Residence | Singapore

Filmplace second top film location pick april: listing 12366 contemporary zen residence in Singapore photo collage

Category: Housing | Modern Apartment
Accommodates: 21-30 Cast & Crew

Step into a world of modern luxury as you enter this meticulously designed apartment. Perched within a point-block apartment building and conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from AMK MRT, this space is as accessible as it is picturesque. The interior of this apartment is a symphony of spaciousness and tranquillity. With ample natural light streaming in from the North, East, and West, filmmakers will find the perfect canvas to bring their vision to life. The wide-open living layout invites creativity, while a large wall of books adds character and depth to the space. Sandalwood-coloured flooring provides warmth underfoot, complemented by a shaggy grey rug that adds texture and comfort. Plum-colored wood inlays surround the large windows, framing the breathtaking views beyond. 

This unit offers beautiful expansive panoramic views of the Singapore landscape allowing filmmakers to capture the vibrant colors of sunrise and sunset in all their splendor. Open the curtains and let in the warm sunset glows for those intimate scenes in the cozy living room or personal close-up commentaries with the book wall backdrop of this unique film location. Every corner of this contemporary house tells a story waiting to be captured on film.

Castle In Love With The Wind | Sozopol, Bulgaria

Filmplace third top film location pick april: listing 12392 Castle In Love With The Wind in Sozopol Bulgaria photo collage

Category: Attraction | Heritage Site
Accommodates: 41+ Cast & Crew

Embark on a cinematic journey through time at the Castle in Sozopol, Bulgaria nicknamed ‘In Love With The Wind’. Designed and developed with love by architect Georgi Kostadinov Tumpalov, this magnificent castle is a testament to dreams brought to life. Surrounded by a tranquil lake and lush greenery, this enchanting location offers a fairy-tale setting for your next project.

Explore the rich history and architectural marvels of Bulgarian heritage as you wander through the corridors of this majestic castle at this amazing film location. From romantic tales to epic adventures, let your imagination run wild as you pretend to be a prince or princess amidst the timeless beauty of this iconic castle.

Jetty Boat Rental | Singapore

Filmplace fourth top film location pick April: listing 10030 Jetty Boat Rental in Singapore photo collage

Category: Outdoor | Other Outdoor
Accommodates: 1-10 Cast & Crew

Set sail on an unforgettable adventure with our unique jetty boat rental in Singapore. Whether you’re filming a thrilling chase scene that finds you needing a cheap way to cross a body of water or just want the endless expanse of the ocean as your backdrop; this versatile boat offers endless possibilities. With its open back half and vibrant yellow palette, it serves as the perfect backdrop for scenes of exploration and adventure.

Venture into uncharted waters and capture the raw beauty of nature from the deck of your private jetty boat. From action-packed sequences to tranquil moments of reflection, let the sea be your canvas and the boat your vessel of creativity.

With our latest lineup of captivating locations, we invite you to unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life. From historic landmarks to picturesque family homes, Filmplace will have the perfect film location for your next masterpiece. Book now and let your imagination soar!

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