Filmplace monthly top film location picks for May collage

Filmplace Top Film Location Picks for May

Hello filmmakers! It’s that time again to reveal our latest collection of inspiring locations guaranteed to spark your creative flame. From historic castles to modern studios, our May picks offer a delightful mix of diversity and charm. So, let’s get started to find the perfect backdrop for your next project. Lights, camera, action!

The Citadel | Dover, Kent, United Kingdom

Filmplace top location pick for May: Listing 12863 The Citadel in Dover, Kent, United Kingdom, photo collage.

Category: Attraction | Heritage Site
Accommodates: 41+ People

A monumental fortress steeped in centuries of heritage – The Citadel in Dover. Built in the late 1700s for defense during the Napoleonic War, this iconic landmark has served multiple purposes over the years, from a barracks to a prison. Immerse yourself in the contrasting architecture of modern prison blocks and ancient structures, surrounded by lush greenery. Capture the essence of time with breathtaking shots of the Rye House cell and the grand entrance gatehouse. With its rich history and architectural marvels, The Citadel offers a truly cinematic experience for your next project.

The Wave Studio | Mapo-Gu, Seoul, South Korea

Filmplace top location pick for May: Host 14524 The Wave Studio in Seoul, South Korea, listing 12250, 12252, 12253 photo collage.

Category: Event Studio | Living Room & Photo Room
Accommodates: 1-10 Cast & Crew

Dive into the world of creativity at The Wave Studio in Seoul, South Korea. With a series of meticulously designed studios, this space offers a diverse range of settings to bring your artistic vision to life.

First up, explore the serene ambiance of Room 2A. Bathed in natural light and adorned with soft wood tones, this space features a cozy living area, perfect for lifestyle shoots or intimate scenes. With large windows offering picturesque views of lush greenery, it’s an ideal backdrop for capturing moments of comfort and relaxation. Search The Wave Studio listing 12250 for more details.

Next, step into Room 2B, a charming natural cafe with warm wood accents and inviting seating options. Whether you’re shooting product scenes or fashion spreads, the warm lighting and botanical touches create a cozy atmosphere for your creative endeavors. View this listing here: 12252

Finally, discover the minimalist elegance of Room 3A. With its sleek white walls and floor-to-ceiling windows, this space exudes sophistication and style. Whether you’re filming fashion editorials or conceptual art pieces, the clean lines and open layout provide endless possibilities for your imagination to soar. Shoot with a minimalist background with listing 12553

But wait, there’s more! The Wave Studio in Mapo-Gu, South Korea has so much more to offer. Check out other listings from their host profile below…

Shabby Chic Industrial Pad | Singapore

Filmplace top location pick for May: listing 11561 Shabby chic industrial indie pad in Singapore, photo collage.

Category: Housing | Modern Apartment
Accommodates: 1-10 Cast & Crew

Escape to a charming indie oasis in the heart of Singapore at the Shabby Chic Industrial Indie Pad. This eclectic flat is filled with personal touches and unique finds from around the globe, creating an eye-catching and stylish backdrop for your film project. With polished concrete floors, repurposed furniture, and vintage décor, every corner tells a story. Capture the essence of bohemian living in this industrial-inspired haven, where creativity knows no bounds.

Mansion Estate with Amazing Sunset | Beverly Hills, California, United States

Filmplace top location pick for May: Listing 12339 Mansion Estate with Amazing Sunset in Beverly Hills, California, photo collage.

Category: Housing | Landed House
Accommodates: 11-20 Cast & Crew

Live the high life in the lap of luxury at this stunning mansion estate in Beverly Hills. With five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and breathtaking sunset views, this iconic property sets the stage for your next film project. From the expansive deck space to the elegant interiors, every detail exudes opulence and sophistication. With its lush greenery, arched windows, and spacious layout, this estate captures the essence of California living at its finest.

Get ready for an exhilarating month ahead, filmmakers location scouts alike. May is shaping up to be an exciting month, offering a diverse range of settings from historic fortresses to modern studios. Whether you’re on the hunt for historical settings, contemporary urban backdrops, or breathtaking natural landscapes, Filmplace has got you covered. Don’t hesitate – book now and let your creative visions come to life!

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