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Filmplace’s Top Film Location Picks For January

Now that Santa has wrapped up his yearly trip, and we’re all buzzing with excitement for the new year rising, it’s the perfect moment to start crafting some awesome content ideas for 2024! 

Whether you’re planning a family scene this holiday season or scouting for an ideal backdrop for your project; we’ve pulled together a list of some truly amazing locations for you this January.

Children’s Play Experience Center | Gwangju, South Korea

A collage of images from Filmplace's children's play experience center in Gwangju Seouth Korea

Category: Attraction | Gallery
Accommodates: 41+ Cast & Crew

The Children’s Experience Center is a part of the Children’s Culture Center of the National Asia Culture Center located in Gwangju. This space features the largest children’s play space in Korea. The culture centre aims to develop children’s imagination and creativity through experiencing various cultures and activities with various themes. This bright and colourful space is illuminated with natural night which makes it perfect for shooting all kinds of media. Oh and this space can be rented completely free thanks to Filmplace’s partnership with the Korean Government. 

This location is truly one of a kind. If you’re looking for a colourful space for your next product shoot or a unique backdrop for your short film; look no further than the Children’s Play Experience Center in Gwang-Ju.

Resort Home Overlooking Lush Jungle | Singapore

A collage of images from Filmplace's resort home ovelooking jungle in singapore

Category: Housing | Landed House
Accommodates: 31-40 Cast & Crew

With an infinity pool that looks over a lush jungle and a large entertaining space; we can’t help but slip away into a tropical daydream when viewing this location. Book this location and you’ve got access to the entire space making it the perfect backdrop for capturing your next house party shoot. Inside there is a large commercial-style kitchen with it’s stainless steel drawers and an oven with a breakfast bar illuminated with inlaid LED strips. Come out of the kitchen to find a large open layout dinning and living room areas. There are floor-to-ceiling windows that let in all the natural light that bounces off the jungle and infinity pool. These open spaces, high ceilings and natural lighting makes this an easy yet versatile location to maneuver around and get the exact shots you’re looking for.

Fix yourself a Pina Colada (or a Singapore Sling) and transport your characters into a world of relaxation and tranquility with this amazing resort-style home in Singapore.

Icebar | Singapore

A collage of images from Filmplace's icebar location in singapore

Category: Food & Beverage | Other
Accommodates: 31-40 Cast & Crew

Welcome to the Icebar; the ultimate haven for filmmakers and photographers nestled in the heart of the residential areas of Hougang and Buangkok. The Icebar is not just a place for sweet treats and refreshing beverages, but it is a sensory delight full of customised neon signs that will illuminate your project with the flavours of the rainbow. Be sure to check out the attached video in the listing to better feel the vibe this location can bring to your next project.

The Icebar comes equipped with a surround sound system, microphone, projector screen and a range of versatile and unique furniture that can be rearranged to your needs. So if you’re looking for an eye-catching venue with an extremely chill-y vibe this summer; look no further than the Icebar in Hougang.

Rural Family Hanok | Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea

A collage of images from Filmplace's rural family hanok in gyeonggi-do, south korea

Category: Housing | Rustic/Old House
Accommodates: 1-10 Cast & Crew

Come and check out our enchanting traditional family hanok in the South Korean countryside. Nestled just a 30-minute drive from Jamsil, this unique location seamlessly blends modern and contemporary styles in a cozy country retreat. This traditional house has an open main floor and veranda which is a rare sight for hanok’s these days. 

This location has been featured in a range of films and TV shows with the host working with the likes of MBC, JTBC and SBS to bring their productions to life. So it’s safe to say this host has plenty of experience catering to your needs.

Try to imagine your characters huddling around a warm fireplace after chopping firewood in the snowy winter. Or perhaps you can picture a scene of a young girl swinging on the double rope swing attached to the 300-year-old Ginkgo tree as the family get together for a barbeque at the outdoor courtyard. Those perfect shots you’re dreaming of are awaiting you here at this traditional Hanok.

As January approaches, it’s time to kickstart your creative endeavors and dive into a world of endless possibilities. With our handpicked selection of top film locations, you’re bound to find the perfect backdrop for your next project. From the vibrant hues of a children’s play centre in Gwangju to the tranquil oasis of a resort home overlooking lush jungles in Singapore, and the icy cool vibes of an Icebar in Hougang to the rustic charm of a traditional family hanok in Gyeonggi-Do, each location offers a unique canvas for your storytelling. Get ready to bring your vision to life with Filmplace.

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