Host Spotlight: Spacious 5R Minimalist HDB w/plants

This week in Host Spotlight, we visit an eye opening 5BR HDB apartment. Owned by Bonnie and Clifton, the house of lush greenery is above 20 storeys high and located in the Commonwealth area.


Bonnie works as a HR manager while Clifton works as a product manager. Individually, Clifton likes running, cycling, going to the gym and doing yoga. He had recently gotten his yoga teaching certification and has already been coaching for a couple of months. Whereas, Bonnie is quite the swimmer AND the actress – to get in touch with her creative side, she has been taking some Improv classes lately. To top it off, the couple is part of a salsa dance team that trains religiously every week!


Situated sky high at the well above the 20th storey, Bonnie and Clifton’s cozy jungle home might just be the next exotic setting for your commercial / short film.

When you enter the house, the apartment’s enormous living room space and long windows will give you a wide panoramic view of Commonwealth.

What’s even better is that it is only a few minutes walk from Commonwealth MRT! As you look down from the big living room windows, you can very clearly see how near the train station is. Surprisingly, even with its vicinity near the roadside, there is not much traffic noise.

As expected, the place is very well ventilated; it is incredible how cooling the room gets on a breezy day. Imagine a film shoot where it is cooling and comfortable on set without the need of a fan!

Their abode has an abundance of foliage that makes the place sui generis! Coupled with wood finishings and a parquet floor, it is definitely warm and homely. As Bonnie suggests for filmmakers: “Feel free to move the plants around to spruce up your shots!” Set designers will love this place!

Growing up, Bonnie claims to be someone who was never organised and neat. After reading Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” she Marie Kondo-ed her apartment and uncluttered their space. The peace and serenity of having a clean and tidy space has indeed done amazing things for her mental health.

As the place is rather massive, it is the ideal holding area for your cast and crew. The capacity is big enough for production equipment storage as well as the opportunity to experiment with different camera angles. The added access of natural light will enable greater control for gaffers and lighting grips without the need for extensive heavy duty lighting.

Bonnie and Clifton also have their own working spaces respectively (below), adorned with the familiar foliage. Studies have shown that indoor plants improves concentration and productivity (up to 15%!), reduce stress levels and is a mood booster. They also help to regulate humidity and make you more positive. Bonnie and Clifton definitely took the right step in nourishing their mental well-being with the delightful house plants! Allow your cast and crew to feel relaxed even while filming a work-related scene here!

If there’s 5 words to describe Bonnie and Clifton’s home, it would be: minimalistic; spacious; airy; bright; restful.

How about a minimalistic and nature-inspired home for your next shoot? Spacious 5R Minimalist HDB w/plants is available for rent at SGD 99/hr. Head over for more shots/360° views and to book now!